Our club in four words

  • Creative.
  • Tight.
  • Fun.
  • Chill.

Start building

We're a group of students who love to build things. Whether it's a website, a game, or a some art, we're always working on something cool. Join this club to meet your creative home.

Find your community

The goal of this club is to create a tight-knit community of creators. School doesn't teach creating. We do. We're mostly programmers, but with community-bonding every meeting, we'll make sure you find your people. Meet new people, make new friends, and build cool things together.

Meet us outside

Going to a hackathon? We'll be there. Want to code on a weekend? We'll find a place. We encourage all club members to attend hackathons together because the more the merrier.

Making doesn't have to be academic

We're not a class. We're a club. At our meetings, you only code if you want to. We'll have food, games, and quick presentations. We'll occasionally have fun workshops that don't just involve following steps and copying code.

Want to find out more? Check out Hack Club's Global Philosophy.

Monthly Meetings





Go Out and Code

1-1 Mentoring